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Schmiedmann gift certificate

Terms and conditions:


  1. Application:
    1. You can use the gift card as payment for items on the Schmiedmann webshop gift card purchased on. If the gift card is purchased at, the gift card can only be redeemed on that page.
    2. The gift card can be used in the physical stores in the countries such as the Schmiedmann webshop where the gift card is purchased dolls. Eg. is the gift card purchased at it can use in our physical stores in Odense and Nordborg.
  2. Duration:
    1. The gift card expires 2 year after the date of issue.
  3. Missing and abusing:
    1. The gift card can be used as payment by the bearer without identification. The gift card cannot be asked. The gift card should be considered cash.
    2. You are responsible for the gift card and the risk of losing and misusing the gift card lies with you. You must therefore bear any losses yourself in this regard. Schmiedmann does not replace the gift card in the event of loss or abuse.
  4. Cash settlement:
    1. You can redeem the gift card for cash at the physical stores where the gift card can be used. You cannot redeem the cash gift card at the Schmiedmann webshops.
  5. Purchase gift certificate:
    1. When purchasing gift cards, there are certain forms of payment that cannot be used, including invoice and account payment.

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