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BMW K49 Brake parts

Hex Bolt with washer (M6x20-U1-8.8-MK)

1.70 GBP incl. vat
(1.42 GBP excl. vat)
Hex Bolt with washer (M6x20-U1-8.8-MK)

SKU  07-12-9-905-692

In stock
The product is original Condition of the item: New
Fits on:
All models, various places of use E26 Coupé All Coupé models E36 Convertible 318i 318i M44 320i M52 323i 328i M3 09/1997- M3 3.2 09/1997- E36 Compact 318tds 09/1997- E36 Coupé 316i 318is 320i M52 323i 328i M3 09/1997- M3 3.2 09/1997- E36 Sedan 316i M43 318i M43 09/1997- 318i M44 318is M44 318tds 09/1997- 320i M52 323i 325td 325tds 328i E36 Touring All Touring models E38 Sedan 750i M73 -09/1998 750i M73N 09/1998- 750iL -09/1998 750iL M73 -09/1998 750iL M73N 09/1998- 750iLP 750iLS M73 -09/1998 750iLS M73N 09/1998- L7 M73 -09/1998 L7 M73N 09/1998- E39 Sedan 520d 09/1997- 520i M52 09/1997- 520i M54 09/1997- 523i 09/1997- 525d 09/1997- 525i 09/1997- 525td 09/1997- 525tds 09/1997- 528i 09/1997- 530d 09/1997- 530i 09/1997- 535i 09/1997- 540i 09/1997- E39 Touring All Touring models E46 Convertible All Convertible models E46 Compact All Compact models E46 Coupé 316Ci 318Ci 320Cd 320Ci 323Ci 325Ci 328Ci 330Cd 330Ci M3 E46 Sedan All Sedan models E46 Touring All Touring models E83 SAV All SAV models E83N SAV X3 1.8d X3 2.0d X3 2.0d M47N2 X3 2.0d N47 X3 2.0i X3 2.5si X3 3.0d X3 3.0i X3 3.0si E85 Roadster All Roadster models E86 Coupé All Coupé models E89 Roadster Z4 18i Z4 20i Z4 23i Z4 28i Z4 30i Z4 35i Z3 Coupé Z3 M3.2 S52 Z3 Roadster Z3 1.8 Z3 1.9 Z3 1.9 M44 Z3 2.0 Z3 2.5 Z3 2.5i Z3 2.8 Z3 M3.2 S50 Z3 M3.2 S52 114 Sedan 2002turbo E12 Sedan All Sedan models E21 Sedan All Sedan models E23 Sedan All Sedan models E24 Coupé All Coupé models E26 Coupé All Coupé models E28 Sedan All Sedan models E30 2 doors All 2 doors models E30 4 doors All 4 doors models E30 Convertible All Convertible models E30 Touring All Touring models E32 Sedan 750iLS E34 Sedan 518i 520i 524td 525i 525ix 525td 525tds 530i M30 530i M60 535i 540i M5 E34 Touring M5 E36 Convertible M3 E36 Compact All Compact models E36 Coupé M3 E36 Sedan All Sedan models E36 Touring All Touring models Z3 Coupé Z3 M3.2 Z3 M3.2 S50 Z3 Roadster Z3 M3.2 S50 E60 Sedan M5 -05/2006 E61N Touring M5 -05/2006 E63 Coupé M6 -05/2006 E64 Convertible M6 -05/2006 E90 Sedan M3 E90N Sedan M3 E92 Coupé M3 E92N Coupé M3 E93 Convertible M3 E93N Convertible M3 G05 SAV X5 M50dX G06 SAC X6 M50dX G07 SAV X7 M50dX G11 Sedan 750dX G11N Sedan 750dX G12 Sedan 750LdX G12N Sedan 750LdX G30 Sedan M550dX G31 Touring M550dX
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