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KN clamp-on conical universal sport airfilter, flange offset dia. 62MM / dia. top 114MM / dia. base 140MM height 102MM, max. 200HP

86.27 USD excl. vat
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Product number: KNR-1380

New parts

This product fits on both left and right hand drive BMWs.

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Guiding mount time: 1.00hour(s).

Weight: 1.50 KG

Amount per car: 1 pcs.

Filter without mounting parts!

when mounting a clamp-on filter, do not tighten too hard. This will destroy the filter rubber flange. Do only tighten so hard that the filter can not be turned, and then turn the clamping screw one last round. Not more! Damage to the filter, as a result of tightening too hard is NOT covered by warranty!

We recommend to mount a powerblanket as well!

K&N clamp-on filters are universal filters for cars.

With K&N clamp-on filters, you get the following benefits:

¦ Better sound
¦ More HP
¦ Increased torque

K&N clamp-on filter is a universal filter to install on turbo, throttle housings, flange sockets, etc.

Available for mounting on flanges of diameters from 6 mm. to 250mm - from 3 HP to 2500 + hp.

Clamp-on filters are available in many different shapes such as conical / cone-shaped filters, round and oval-shaped filters. They come in many different heights and sizes.

Before you order a K&N Clamp-on filter, it is a good idea to have the following information ready:

¦ Flange diameter
¦ Max. diameter the filter can have.
¦ Max. height / length of the filter can have.
¦ How much HP then engine has.

KN filter are some of the most effective sportfilters on the market, besides that the open filter gives your BMW a great sound!

Let one of our BMW specialized workshops do the mounting, we got the know-how and low prices!

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