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Return guide

RMA (Return merchandise authorization)

Our normal return system is not online at the moment.


If you are returning one ore more items please write an email to the following The mail should contain the following.


  • Customer account number (it's on your invoice)
  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Invoice number
  • The part number
  • Amount of items for return
  • Exchange item or money return (please inform us about bank information in case you want money back)
  • Is the item broken, please describe the error.
  • Remarks!

It is important that you enclose a copy of the purchase invoice. 

Please mark the parcel with RMA

Products returned, not containing all their components, cannot be credited, and can only be exchanged, if the product is defective and under warranty.

Any test completed involving returned products, where it is determined that the product was not defective, will result in a handling fee in the amount of DKK 200,00.

Products must be returned in its original packaging material. Do not write on or attach anything to the original packaging material.

Products returned where the postal charge is transferred to the recipient (Schmiedmann) will not be accepted.

It falls on the mailer to document that Schmiedmann has received the postal package. It is recommend to save the postal receipt or a copy of the receipt.



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