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Return guide

RMA (Return merchandise authorization)

Our normal return system is unfortunately not currently online.

Be aware of which department you have purchased the product, it is either Odense or Nordborg, you must contact the department where you have made the purchase.
Regarding deposit: The item must be returned after receiving the new part, using the packaging the new part arrived in hoses and tubes must be detached, and the item must be cleaned and free of oil.

Regarding returned items: Regretted purchases or unused parts must be returned in original packaging within 14 days. Do not write or put labels on the original packaging, but send it in a neutral packaging.

Regarding complaints: Be aware that a report must be made, this can often be done via photo / video. and an understandable description of the problem, and the info in the bold text below should be completed.

If in doubt, we recommend that you contact Schmiedmann by phone about the problem, remember invoice no. We will help and guide you all we can.

We need the following info with complaints:

  • Product complaint no:
  • Description of the problem:
  • The full frame number of the car:
  • Mounting date:
  • Mounted at km:
  • Unmounted date:
  • Unmounted at km:
  • Invoice from workshop with frame no:
  • Invoice number:
  • Attach documentation:

Mark the package with RMA and your invoice number and attach an invoice copy in the package.

It is the responsibility of the sender to document that Schmiedmann has received returned goods. It is recommended that you save the freight receipt or a copy of it.

For function tests and rejected complaints, a handling fee of DKK 200, - can be charged.

To contact Odense, please send an email to - otherwise call

To contact Nordborg, please send an email to - otherwise call

The processing time for return goods can take 2-5 working days.
Deposit is credited upon receipt.
The complaint time varies depending on the factory and the extent of the problem.



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